The Brew Bag - a mash tun filter for Coolers - Round

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NO MORE STUCK SPARGES!!!  This filter maximizes the flow of wort. Just put The Brew Bag® in your cooler, add grain and strike temp water as usual. When the mash is done follow your normal sparging procedures and then open the spigot and drain into the boil kettle.

Features of The Brew Bag® for Coolers

  • Use again and again - NOT a throw away bag

  • 2" loops for lifting - either by hand or with a pulley and a hook

  • Holds over 100 pounds of grain

  • Smooth seams on the interior enable quick cleaning

  • All strapping intersections are reinforced with "X" stitching

  • 1" poly straps cover seams and bear the strain of grain - this bag will last and last

  • Hand wash and drip dry

 Additional Benefits of The Brew Bag® for Coolers

You can also use the The Brew Bag™ as a complete Brew In A Bag NO SPARGE mash tool. Just calculate the full pre-boil volume, add approximately 12 ounces more water per pound of grain (this will be absorbed and tossed). Then just open the spigot and drain into the boil kettle. You may need a bigger mash tun for this process. 

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Customer Reviews

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Why didn't I do this sooner?

Quick background - I've been brewing almost 5 years, extract then into all grain. I've brewed 10+ batches all grain with a cooler mashtun setup. I gradually moved from fly sparging to batch sparge and that really made my day awesome,

Recently I started listening to the Brulosophy podcast, and read his review of the Brewbag. I'm not a BIAB brewer (my kettle won't hold that much liquid), but Marshall spoke of MIAB (Mash In A Bag). Since one of my biggest pain points was the whole vorlauf process, and getting clean/clear wort I decided to give this product a go, and now I almost want to keep this product a secret from my other friends because it has made my beers 100x better.

I've used both a false bottom, and a bazooka tube. With the Brewbag I now love the bazooka tube, you can literally just open the ball valve full throttle and let clean, clear wort come out. With the increased wort volume I've had to adjust my water ratio down a bit but it's awesome. The 2 brews I've done with the bag have been my best yet! I'm going to start milling finer soon to hopefully bump up efficiency and cut down grain use too!

Oh, and don't let me forget using it as a hop bag! I recently made a NEIPA that included 6 oz of hops during flameout and whirlpool. I used the pulley and lowered the bag into the wort, careful not to hit the bottom. It worked like a charm. There is no better feeling than seeing super clean wort at the end of a brew day, and the beer has received crazy feedback not only from friends, but from brewery owners in town.

If you want to up your game without crazy equipment changes, get this bag and get the pulley while you're at it. I have no reason to change anything for a very long time now. Thanks BrewBag!

A very nice upgrade

This just might be the best upgrade I've made to my brewing since I went from extract to all grain, all those years ago. No more vorlaufing. Nothing gets through this bag. This not some cheapie, throw away bag like you see at your LHBS. This bag is pure quality and even brewing weekly, I expect it will last for years. I can not recommend it highly enough. The only words of caution (in fairness) that I can think to say, is at first I removed my false bottom from my 10 gallon Igloo Cooler MLT and had the mash draining directly out the side 1/2" valve. The bag will eventually bunch up in the drain hole and you have to keep tugging at it to keep it draining. A Bazooka screen solved this problem very easily. My biggest surprise was how much wort I had been throwing out when I dumped my MLT. I estimate that I have been throwing out between 1.5 & 2 quarts with ever 5 gallon batch! When you lift (I placed a hook in a beam directly above my MLT to hang my bag from) & let your bag drain (squeeze gently) you will be shocked at the amount of wort that is still there. I now cut down my total water. Since ordering my BrewBag I have brewed with it four times. Now I can't imagine brewing without it. And clean up can not be easier. Cheers.

Simple, clean wort

Have used this 2x in my 10G brewbuilt kettle
Filters out grist to prevent clogs in valves and plate chiller
Made for a much simplified brew day. Saved a lot of time/stress/effort compared to without.
Lifting the bag is hard. I brew in my kitchen and don't really want to put a hook in my ceiling. Sadly this means lifting and sparging through a very heavy bag. Still thinking about this one.

works just fine

Fits my system perfect, cleans up easy. Brew in a bag is the way to go for medium to small grain bills. Major time savings.

Love it!

I've brewed three times with the BIAB and it works great, highly recommend it to any home brewer.
BTW it the largest size fits great into a Mash Tun King cooler and you can still screw the lid on to maintain the heat during the mash.


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