The Brew Bag® for Kettles - Designed for Brew In A Bag in ALL mash tuns. Standard brewing is 200 Micron - Recirculating is 400 Micron

Regular price $ 30.00

The Brew Bag® allows you to start all-grain brewing with one kettle. Contact us for a quote on sizes larger than 23" diameter.
Recirculating?     Select the 400 Micron option above for + $16.50 to $18.50 on non-custom sizes. 

    • Use again and again - not a throw-away bag

    • 1" wide polypropylene straps for easy pick up with a pulley or hook

    • Seams are on the outside - no particulates get trapped in the bag

    • Use it as your hop bag - but it must be suspended above the kettle bottom

    • Straps cover the seams and bear the strain on every use 

    • Wet weight strength of 100 pounds 

    • Hand wash with an emulsifying dish soap like Dawn and drip dry 

 Available to fit ANY kettle - In stock or CUSTOM made! Micron - 60, 125, 200, 300, 400

    • 20-24 Quart - Outer diameters between 11" and 12.5" & height up to 15"

    • 32-42 Quart - Outer diameters between 11" and 12.5" & height up to 20"

    • 30-42 Quart - Outer diameters between 13" and 16" & height up to 16.5"

    • 40-62 Quart - Outer diameters between 13" and 16" & height up to 21"

    • 50-60 Quart - Outer diameters between 16.25" and 17.75" & height up to 22.5"

    • CUSTOM Order - Outer diameters between 17" and 19" and height up to 22.5" - additional $5 - add Diameter and Height in shopping cart "special instructions."

    • OVERSIZE CUSTOM - Outer diameters over 19" and up to 23" - AND/OR with height OVER 22.5" - up to 26" - additional $10 -  add Diameter and Height in shopping cart "special instructions." Contact us for quote on larger dimensions.

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Customer Reviews

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Recirculation of mash

I use this bag to recirc the mash. It works great and then when I lauter I never have a stuck mash.


Made my first batch with the brew in a bag system. It works great! I don’t see me ever going back. The wort was clean, which left only the yeast sediment in the fermenter. I bottled two days ago, waiting for bottle conditioning.


Great product, great support.


This was the second bag I purchased and wondered why it cost much more than the other bag I purchased when I received the bag from the brew bag I was pleasantly surprised and impressed at the quality of the bag at least 3 times as heavy and made in the USA. I have used it 3 times and it worked flawlessly

Top bit of kit

I came for a bag, I left with a bag. But what a bag. A bag like no other. I had grains positively jumping into this bag. A bag amongst bags but head above shoulders of fellow bags. If a bag is your aim this will be your gain.

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