The Brew Bag® for Kettles - Designed for Brew In A Bag and used in ALL mash tuns.

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The Brew Bag® allows you to start all-grain brewing with one kettle. Contact us for a quote on sizes larger than 23" diameter.

Features of The Brew Bag® for Kettles

    • Use again and again - not a throw-away bag

    • 1" wide polypropylene straps for easy pick up with a pulley or hook

    • Seams are on the outside - no particulates get trapped in the bag

    • We encourage the use of a plate chiller - the most efficient cooling option

    • Use it as your hop bag - but it must be suspended above the kettle bottom

    • Straps cover the seams and bear the strain on every use 

    • Holds over 100 pounds of grain

    • Hand wash with an emulsifying dish soap like Dawn and drip dry 

 Available to fit ANY kettle - In stock or CUSTOM made!

    • 20-24 Quart - Outer diameters between 11" and 13.5" & height up to 15"

    • 32-42 Quart - Outer diameters between 11" and 13.5" & height up to 20"

    • 30-42 Quart - Outer diameters between 13" and 16" & height up to 16.5"

    • 40-62 Quart - Outer diameters between 13" and 16" & height up to 21"

    • 50-60 Quart - Outer diameters between 16.25" and 17.75" & height up to 22.5"

    • CUSTOM Order - Outer diameters between 17" and 19" and height up to 22.5" - additional $5 - add Diameter and Height in shopping cart "special instructions."

    • OVERSIZE CUSTOM - Outer diameters over 19" and up to 23" - AND/OR with height OVER 22.5" - up to 26" - additional $10 -  add Diameter and Height in shopping cart "special instructions." Contact us for quote on larger dimensions.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 472 reviews
Great bag

Very sturdy and easy to use. Fits in my kettle very well. The bag contains all of my crushed grains, which I pulverize to an almost flour-like consistency. It’s also very easy to clean and dries quickly.

Great tool for brew day

Just used it to make an all grain Pilsner recipe, and it worked like a charm. Easy to use and very easy clean-up.

Worked Good but didn’t last

It worked good for the first 4 brew but I noticed last time I was cleaning it it had a small hole starting so I can’t really use it anymore.

Great item

I’ve brewed a saison and a SMaSH ipa with the bag, my first ventures into all grain, and I couldn’t be happier.

My recommendation is to squeeze the bag if you’re not sparging as there is a lot of wort left in the grains once you remove the bag. I don’t recommend twisting the bag as that can cause tears. That doesn’t speak to the quality of the bag, more so to me exerting too much force, I think any bag would’ve shown wear. Even then, it’s just stress marks, no tears or holes.

If I ever need another bag, I’ll definitely be buying a brew bag.

Thank you for renewing my Passion!

I have been an all grain brewer for 5 years. In those 5 years I have gone from simple 3 and 2 vessel gravity setups to 2 vessel pump setups. The process just wasn't working out for me. I started to regret brewing instead of enjoying it. Then my buddy told me to try BIAB, and WOW my passion has been renewed. So if you are looking into BIAB or are currently using BIAB but not using this bag, do yourself a favor and try it. Great material, super super easy to clean and great service!

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