Beyond Beer uses for The Brew Bag

There are many more uses for The Brew Bag than beer making. Some we're sure we've never heard of, but here's the list of known uses and the appropriate micron rating that users have found successful. 

For reference micron opening does NOT equal mesh size, so the smaller the micron number the smaller the opening in the fabric. To give you an idea of size, 100 microns is about the same size as a single human hair.  

Depending on the application, thread (filament) can be manufactured bigger or smaller while the opening is the same. That means the number of threads per inch varies based on the diameter of the thread. Those factors translate to fabric strength and stiffness.  

Thread diameter Mesh opening
micron micron
200 800
200 435
150 270
120 223
90 189
80 150
71 124
55 103
55 86
48 79
48 62
40 60
34 49
34 37

These micron ratings apply to the following and filtering can vary between 60 and 200 microns. 
Infusions of ground spices - alcohol, tea, juice kombucha
Cold Brew Coffee
Supplement ingredients
Berries - depending on seed size
Tea - leaves or ground
Hemp extraction - manual or centrifugal
Organic teas using multiple ingredients
Wine - all fruits
Wood infusion - chunks, shredded, dust

Larger micron openings allow for greater outflow, or through flow if recirculating or washing. Some grains that create a more gelatinous mash require a larger opening to allow liquid to flow out of the bag.

The following benefit from micron openings between 200 and 800. 

Berries - depending on seed size
Distilling- corn / barley mix
Tea - leaf
Mashed or Pureed fruits and vegetables
Plastics - lining waste drums
Worm Casting Tea
Mushroom Tea