Top 10 Reasons to try the Brew In a Bag method of home brewing using The Brew Bag

  1. LOW COST ENTRY TO ALL GRAIN BREWING! Get started with the lowest possible cost options on equipment and ingredients.

  2. SAVE MONEY - A typical 5-gallon batch of beer using all-grain costs about 50% of kit price

  3. CLEANER BEER -The Brew Bags' 90 threads per inch filtering capability prevents grain particulates from getting into the wort

  4. Use it as your hop bag - just suspend it over the kettle, add some copper or stainless for weight, and toss in the hops

  5. Use a plate chiller - the fastest most efficient method for chilling wort - because there is nothing in the wort to clog the chiller.

  6. SAVE TIME - A typical Brew In A Bag session takes about three and a half hours - including set-up and clean-up!

  7. NOT A ONE TIME USE BAG - The Brew Bag™ can be used over and over - .

  8. EASY LIFTING - The strapping makes a convenient handle  to lift the bag - use your hands or a pulley and hook

  9. FAST CLEANUP - The Brew Bag™ is constructed so you can turn it upside down and give it a shake - the grain falls out - just rinse and dry

  10. SAVE SPACE - with the Brew In A Bag method you don't need a three tier stand - one burner - one kettle - one bag - one stand


Bottom line: The Brew Bag makes brewing great beer at home easier, faster, and more affordable (which means you can now brew more beer!).