The Brew Bag® - 20 to 100 Gallon - starting at $40.00

The Brew Bag® - 20 to 100 Gallon - starting at $40.00

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  • Call or Email for Quote if not listed
  • Allows for all-grain brewing with One Kettle
  • NO MORE STUCK SPARGES!!! – Our filter maximizes the out flow of wort, no sparging necessary
  • Holds over 100 pounds of grain
  • Used for Brewing Beer, Tea, Coffee, Juice & More
  • 100% Guaranteed Against Manufacturing Defects – For Life
    Bottom Open Bags are Custom Order ONLY. 
  • Call or Email for Quote if not listed
  • Fits Any Kettle 20 to 100+ Gallons
  • 100% Guaranteed Against Manufacturing Defects – For Life
    Bottom Open Bags are Custom Order ONLY. 

Select your Micron Rating and add your kettle dimensions. Then we will find the right bag for you.
Available to fit any Kettle: 20 to 100+ Gallons. For smaller sized bags click here

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Sake - Tea - Coffee - Beer - Juice - Hemp - Infusion - 60,125,200,300,400,800 Micron Ratings

24" + diameter bags generally have three straps instead of two. We now make a Bottom Open Bag (3rd photo flat bag - 6 loops) which allows you to forklift and drive to your dump station. It closes with a drawstring and secures with bottom loops using the excess cord on the drawstring. Email us for a Quote or to discuss use and proper micron-

Customer Reviews

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Good Quality, No Zipper

I bought a 55 gallon bag and was under the impression from the website that it came with a zippered bottom, which it doesn’t. Quality is fine, but without the zipper, I’m not convinced it’s worth the price.

Jeremy - please let us know what you read on our site to indicate there would be a zipper. We have never offered this option and can't find any language that even hints of a zipper.

Brew in a bag bag

I was very happy with the quality of the Brew In A Bag bag. It performed beautifully. Tonight I tasted the first bottle from this all grain brew and it was delicious. Excellent product. Very happy with how it turned out and the simplicity of the process. I highly recommend this quality bag.


Wonderful customer service, great quality bag. Can’t go wrong here.
(Pro tip)
Go with the open bottom, makes grain removal easy

Great product!

Picked up a custom bag to help with efficiency issues in my 20 gallon herms setup. Improved circulation, efficiency and made cleanup a breeze.

Worm castings tea bag

Rex and the crew at Brew Bag were very helpful! They listened to our needs, made some suggestions and delivered our 6 custom made bags quickly. The bags are amazingly well-designed, well-constructed and can easily handle the weight of the material... When pulling the bag out of the brew, the seams are tight, the mesh in perfect condition and everything we wanted to keep in the bag...still in the bag! No leaks, holes or weak seams. We just hose it off and start another batch. The bags don't really stain, hold any odors or colors from the brew...clean very easily. We love them!