Thermometer - STUBBEY - 2.5" Stem - 3" Face

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$ 16.50

Miljoco rear connected bimetal thermometers are economic and ideal for applications that can accept a fixed back connection. These instruments are provided with an external recalibrator on the rear of the case, for easy temperature adjustment. The hermetically-sealed, stainless steel case prevents moisture from entering into the instrument and fogging the lens, thus allowing the operator to obtain clear, accurate readings.

CASE & RING: Hermetically sealed 300 series stainless steel.
LENS: Double strength glass. 
DIAL: 3" Aluminum with white finish and black markings. POINTER: Black.
RECALIBRATOR: Furnished standard with external recalibrator on rear of case.
CONNECTION: 300 series stainless steel, 1/2” NPT.
STEM: 300 series stainless steel, Ø 0.250”.
ACCURACY: ±1% full range (ASME B40.3 Grade A).
AMBIENT TEMPERATURE: -40 to 250°F (-40 to 120°C).

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