Calcetín de lúpulo/infusión - 200 micras - D = 3" x H = 23"
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Calcetín de lúpulo/infusión - 200 micras - D = 3" x H = 23"

Precio habitual Prices vary based on Micron rating and size - starts at $ 4.25 In Stock

Prices vary based on Micron rating and size - starts at $ 4.25

  • Calcetín de lúpulo - 200 micras - D = 3" x H = 23"

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El calcetín de lúpulo Voile es ideal para dejar caer o suspender en un barril o balde fermentador. Simplemente rocíe desinfectante y llénelo con lúpulo. Para limpiar los aceites de lúpulo, lávelos con un detergente emulsionante como Dawn. También puede sumergirse en cualquier limpiador de materiales orgánicos aprobado.

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Customer Reviews

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Rich H
Hop sock and brew bag

OMG what a difference from other bags! Really good solid quality.
I BIAB with double milled grain and yet next to no residuals left in the brew kettle. The hop sock also holds all the stuff that always ends up at the bottom too. Washes up real easy. Speedy delivery and excellent customer service. Fabulous products very well worth the price, you can't go wrong buying them.

Nice upgrade

I picked this up when purchasing a new brew bag. I have used it twice and it does keep the hop debris from the kettle very well. Floats a bit during the boil so I have my brew spoon in the kettle and it keeps it from floating all the way to the top. Nice product that helps give me very clear wort.

Steve Thanos
The Brew Bag Never Disappoints

I needed a new bag so that I could brew double batches every once in a while. I ordered a new bag along with some Hop Socks. I use these Hop Socks for my homemade spider a friend made for me. These socks work really well. The new brew bag also comes in handy. I really don't know why more people don't order from The Brew Bag. Thanks again for the quality product, speedy delivery, user friendly website, and great customer service. All around great experience, like always!

Doug Auer
Service is great quick and easy

Service is great quick and easy what more can you ask for????

Quality Hop Sock Shipment Mistake Fixed Quickly

I had ordered a very large custom brew bag and a small hop sock. Unfortunately my order shipped without the sock. quickly addressed the problem and shipped me another one. The bag arrived and appears to be very well made, durable, and of high quality. This is the 3rd bag I've ordered from and all 3 have been great.