Guantes de PVC con forro de jersey de 14"

Guantes de PVC con forro de jersey de 14"

Precio habitual Prices vary based on Micron rating and size - starts at $ 8.85 In Stock

Prices vary based on Micron rating and size - starts at $ 8.85

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Talla única para grande a extragrande.

Construido con un forro entrelazado para poner y quitar fácilmente

Permite exprimir eficazmente la bolsa de grano caliente.

Los estilos de acabado semirrugoso brindan un mejor agarre económico en mojado y resistencia a los cortes

    • El revestimiento tiene un agarre húmedo superior
    • Jersey forrado para mayor comodidad y aislamiento moderado.
    • Doble inmersión para mayor protección contra líquidos y uso prolongado
    • El puño recto de 14" agrega longitud adicional para proteger el antebrazo de derrames de líquidos

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Customer Reviews

Based on 132 reviews
Nice gloves, good price.

The gloves performed exactly how I expected them to. They insulated me from the heat. They look to be good quality. The price was very reasonable.

Armando O
Pvc gloves

Gets the job done. Allows you to squeeze the bag with hot wort to get every drop without getting your hands burn would definitely recommend. Super great price as well

Cheap and work perfectly

Works as advertised and gets way more wort squeezed out (disregarding the tanins myth)

Squeeze that bag!

Gloves do just what they are supposed to -- allow you to handle your brew bag to squeeze out the hot wort from the grains. By squeezing the brew bag I am getting efficiencies in the 79%-80% range using the Anvil 10 gal Malt Pipe Brew Bag. Used the gloves to squeeze those last IBUs from the hop bag and it worked great for that also. Super reasonable price too!

Didn't even know I needed these!

I have used various heat-guarded gloves throughout my bag sqeeuzin adventures, but these bad bois take the cake! I feel like I could stick my hands comfortably into molten lava with these fellas. Buy them now!