Mosquetón - Acero - Más de 5 galones
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Mosquetón - Acero - Más de 5 galones

Precio habitual Prices vary based on Micron rating and size - starts at $ 3.85 In Stock

Prices vary based on Micron rating and size - starts at $ 3.85

  • Fije esto al extremo de su gancho de polea y deslice los lazos de The Brew Bag para mayor seguridad y levantamiento de manos libres.
  • Empuje la compuerta con enclavamiento de cierre por resorte para evitar que se abra la contrapresión. El acero galvanizado con zinc es fuerte y resiste la corrosión y el óxido.
  • Longitud total de acero - 4.75" L interior - 4" - Aperturas a presión - 3/4" - Extremo angosto interior - Extremo ancho interior de 3/4" - 1 3/4" - Límite de carga de trabajo - 150 libras
  • Longitud total de aluminio - 4" - L interior 3.25" - Apertura a presión 1.25" - Extremo angosto interior 1/2" - Extremo ancho interior 1.5" - Límite de carga de trabajo 50 lbs

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Gregory Piferi

Super strong holding about 40 pounds. No issues.

First brew with the Brew Bag

Works great! I have a 2 vessel, kettle rims setup and wanted to increase my efficiency and simplify cleanup. Had to be mindful of the crush as I recirculate my mash. Tightened my mill to .030 with no stuck mash... next time will tighten the gap to .025 as I'm still only reaching 67% efficiency. Bag is very well constructed and looks as if it will last for quite a long time. Pleased with the purchase.

Eugene Raymond
Carabineer (steel)

Excellent price for this product. I use it in conjunction with my Brew bag and a small overhead hoist. Makes connecting and lifting the Brew bag a breeze.

Adam A.

Carabiner makes it easy to lift the brew bag

Paul Lindsey

It works and saved me a trip to the hardware store to buy one.