The Brew Bag® for Keggles - Designed for no sparge Brew In A Bag - Standard 200 or Recirculate 400 Micron + $16.50

Regular price $ 30.00

You can now use the brew in a bag method with your keggle! This bag fits American Sanke kegs with at least an 11" opening.
Recirculating?     Select the 400 Micron option for $16.50 more

Features of The Brew Bag® for Keggle's

  • Use again and again - not a throw-away bag
  • 2" loops for lifting either by hand or with a pulley and hook
  • Holds over 100 pounds of grain
  • Use it as your hop bag - but it must be suspended above the kettle bottom
  • Will not catch on the "lip" of the keggle
  • Smooth seams on the interior enable quick cleaning
  • 1" polypropylene straps cover the seams and bear the strain on every use - this bag will last and last
  • Hand wash with an emulsifying dish soap like Dawn - triple rinse and drip dry

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Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Brew Bag For Keggles

Very impressed with the bag. I have been brewing all grain for 10 years on a cooler. I called the owner of the brew bag and he spent 30 min with me on the phone answering all the questions I had about brewing in a bag and the efficiency you get. He was very informative and I was very pleased with the time he spent with me on the phone.
I ordered the bag and the gloves, I have done 2 batches with it . Wow very satisfied with the efficiency and the time it saved me. I do not sparge at all , just raise the bag on a pully and squeeze out the wort. I have gotten 78 percent efficiency on both batches. Thanks again to The Brew Bag and the owner for taking the time to walk me through the steps and answer all my questions.

Wow, just Wow

I brew on the Unibrau system and this 400 micron bag is phenomenal, extremely well built. First brew with it I had no grain get through and the 400 micron gave excellent recirculation. I highly recommend this Brew in a Bag for single brew systems, especially Unibrau systems

Brew bag 200 mesh

Received my brew bag for my keggle in a timely manner. Used it the next day and it worked great. Quality material. It should last for years. I would recommend it to anyone.

Outstanding, couldn’t be happier

I read some reviews indicating that the bag would be fragile, and while I treated it as such I don’t actually believe that to be the case. I have a protrusion or two in my keggle (bulkhead valves and the like) and I mixed the mash with a plastic paddle just fine and didn’t get hung up on anything. The bag went all the way to the bottom and over the top with probably 6” down the top of the keg, plenty to close the lid on and not be forcing or hanging improperly on anything. It’s a $30 bag and if you treat it as such you won’t have a problem. The bag worked beautifully and best part it CLEANED UP IN SECONDS. I placed the bag open side down into a 5 gallon pail, pinched and lifted from the supporting strap at the bottom, and out went the spent grain. A quick hose-off, flipped inside out, hosed off again, and in about 60 seconds the bag was clean. hang dry only took a few min. Fantastic experience.

Not for a recirculating mash system

I have a 3 vessel system and use a RIMS system that keeps the mash temp constant while recirculating. I thought I might be able to use this bag in my existing tun to help ease clean-up and keep grain out of my pumps/impellers. Unfortunately, with the lack of density of the grain in the water, the bagged grain bulked in the center of the mash tun, creating a cavity of space between the bag and the inside of the tun, and therefore all of the wort recirculated around the outside of the bag and not through the grain. On a second note, once I lifted and squeezed the bag after mash, the wort was very, very cloudy, and as a result, post boil trub was extremely high and clogged while trying to drain into the fermentor. This bag is of high quality and a great product for brewers with single vessel systems, but not a good idea for multiple vessel brewing systems.

Thanks for the comments. We are sending you a free 400 micron bag that we're certain will allow you to recirculate and filter your mash. And because of your review, we changed our website to allow brewers to recognize that recirculation requires a larger micron bag. Again, thanks for the five star review and being honest about your needs - we're better for listening.