The Brew Bag for Keggles - Designed for no sparge Brew In A Bag

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You can now use the brew in a bag method with your keggle! This bag fits American Sanke kegs with at least an 11" opening.

Features of The Brew Bag for Keggle's

  • Use again and again - not a throw-away bag
  • 2" loops for lifting either by hand or with a pulley and hook
  • Holds over 100 pounds of grain
  • Use it as your hop bag - but it must be suspended above the kettle bottom
  • We encourage the use of a plate chiller - the most efficient cooling option
  • Will not catch on the "lip" of the keggle
  • Smooth seams on the interior enable quick cleaning
  • All strapping intersections are reinforced with "X" stitching
  • 1" polypropylene straps cover the seams and bear the strain on every use - this bag will last and last
  • Hand wash and drip dry

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Customer Reviews

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new bag

got the new bag and pulley still working on my keg have to put in drain port write back when done.

Finally found the answer :)

The logical conclusion to brewing great beer as simple as possible. After many generations of equipment, and various styles of brewing... the search is over. The Brew Bag works flawlessly. The quality is unmatched. The customer service is fantastic. Rex has returned the zen to my brew days. Cheers !

Almost fantastic

I finally go around to brewing again and used my brand spanking new BIAB. Check, yes if fits nicely, yes it holds the whole batch of grain, no it won't fall into the kettle, so here we go. Only one small, very tiny mistake. YOU CAN'T HEAT KETTLE WHILE THE BAG IS IN IT! Yes, it was my first attempt at all grain brewing after 40 years of extract brewing. Don't panic if the mash gets a little cold, its winter and that happens, but don't heat the metal especially with a plastic bag. But still, there was only a little grain in the wort and it was still the clearest batch I've ever made.

So in summery, BIAB works great, but DON'T HEAT THE METAL KETTLE, use a insulated cooler or wrap the metal in a insulating thermal blanket.

Great "All Grain" beginner method

I have a 15 gal keggle that I use the brew bag in and it fits perfectly. I've been an extract/partial mash brewer for over ten years and finally made the transition to all grain. This is the perfect setup for me as I only need one vessel to worry about, similar to extract brewing. So far I have brewed an Oktoberfest, chocolate stout, Belgian dark strong ale and a hefeweizen. Each recipe ranged from 9 to 19 lbs of grain which easily fit in the brew bag, although I found the 19 lbs of grain was a little heavy to pull out of the pot. I guess I'll have to alter my setup with a pulley system if I plan on doing another BDSA!

Thanks to the Brülosophy Podcast for introducing me to the "Brew Bag."

Best bag on the market

Great product. The first bag lasted 3 years of hard use and finally had to be replaced.