About - The Brew Bag® and Brew In A Bag.

Brew In A Bag Supply, LLC was launched after a frustrating search for a good brewing bag - not a paint strainer, not a disposable nylon bag, and not a muslin wet blanket. I wanted a bag I could use over and over that was strong, easy to clean, durable, and that could be lifted by a pulley. I couldn't find one that met those requirements, so I made one. Well I didn't make it, but I was right there as it was being made. That's a good point - after all my "input", my wife was ready to shred the bag with me in it. I thought if it was this troublesome for me, it would probably be the same for other brewers, so The Brew Bag® idea was born. 

The primary focus was to provide a tool for home brewers to make brewing beer simple and cost effective. The Brew Bag® is designed for the Brew In a Bag method. 

To make cleanup faster and easier the seams are surged and then reversed, so there are no gaps that can hold grain or flour. It's smooth on the inside, so with a simple shake and rinse, and it's ready to be used as your hop bag, or hung to dry for the next brew session. 

My name is Rex Slagel and I'm a home brewer focused on making great beer. I'm also a confessed "A" type who looks for ways to do everything more efficient - and I mean everything. As of this writing I've brewed over a hundred times, so I've narrowed the variables in my brew day to a handful, and I have systems for each step of the process.  If you're like me, simplicity and a trouble free brew day makes brewing really enjoyable. 

While you're learning, brewing beer at home is complicated enough, so removing a major step in the process, like fly or batch sparging  while producing the same or better results makes learning to brew even more simple. Not to mention that sparging adds 30 to 90 minutes to the brew day, requires at least one more vessel and demands constant attention.  

While investigating these methods of brewing I said "Gee whiz fellers, does it have to be this hard?" I didn't really say that. I  cursed a lot and then sat in front of my computer and researched this Brew In A Bag thing some more.  

After a few hours (like 20) it was apparent that Brew In A Bag was the way to go. Here I am smiling about that decision - 

So now we have "The Brew Bag" and we're helping folks all around the world learn the Brew In A Bag method. More and more three-tier guys are selling their extra equipment and converting to a simple fabric filter process. We hear a lot of comments on how easy it is and that they eliminate a couple of hours off their brew day. 

It is our goal to propel the use of a fabric filter as the viable alternative to the typical three-tier grain bed sediment filter method by both new and experienced brewers.