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If you're a customer of ours and have a photo of the bag in action, awards or medals, clear brew, whatever - and you'd like to show your stuff on this page - send your stuff to - staff@brewinabag.com - in return for your permission to publish the stuff, we'll give you a one time use code for 50% off.

I've been brewing for about 4 years, 3 1/2 years with an Anvil Foundry with a brew bag. I love the equipment and processes, and I wouldn't brew without by Brew Bag. I've been able to brew great award winning beer with my setup. Thank you Brew Bag!

Scott Steenburg - 8/27/23

I started competing just last Christmas and have been using your bag for over 3 years now. Currently using it in my Gen4 65L Brewzilla and wouldn't have it any other way as I've already taken home some pretty awesome hardware. 
This is the one and ONLY bag you'll ever need. Thank you! 

Steve Roth 8/29/23


I"ve been brewing with The Brew Bag since 2016. I’ve used the brew bag in 10g coolers, and now use it in a stainless steel RIMS mash tun, primarily to ensure grain stays out of my boil kettle.

I’ve brewed a world class award winning beer with The Brew Bag, and would recommend it to EVERYONE brewing all grain batches. Happy brewing!

Jay Wilkes 6/14/23


Seven years old and still going strong. Best investment I’ve made for brewing.

Kind Regards,
Steve Pullen


Here is my setup with 400 micron bag and pump. Very happy with the way it works. I bought the little diffuser on Amazon. Pumping at about 8
quarts per minute.

Video link here. 


Michael Castagner


I saw your Hall of Fame link on your page and thought I would share my experience.

I have a very hyde and jekyll brewery. My Hot side is pretty ugly.   With a couple of pots and half an old hot water cylinder that I have used as my Mash Tun for about 20 years.  I have used a variety of filters . First PVC piping , then stainless bathroom braided hose. And finally the brew bag. The cold side is more pretty as it includes a 1/2 barrel SS Unitank. I  got the brew bag in 2018 and love it. I have done a ton of brews on it and have won a number of silver medals and recently a Gold Medal and best in IPA in class for hazy IPA  called Flash Flood in the Tropics. Our local brewery went on to make a commercial batch. I recirculate in the last 15 minutes of the mash and have never had any issues. Clean up is super easy . I actually have to scoop out most of the grain. A quick rinse and then a hang on the line. The poor bag is a bit stained now but it's still going strong. I am looking at getting another one as I have recently purchased a Digiboil from Kegland and intend to use this a smaller scale brew in the bag.
Here are a couple of photos
Cheers Mark

I’m a small batch home brewer that’s been brewing one to two times per month for almost 5 years with the Brew Bag. Other than some harmless discoloration the bag does not show any signs of wear. Great product.

Rob Resetar


8oz of whole leaf mosiac hop stand, using the 400 micron recirculating bag. 

Using a kettle that was to small, need some ingenuity to rinse the grains, while reaching a pre-boil volume.

Garrett Shuck

I have 3! Cooler, kettle and my Electric "All-in-on" put to work today.

Nathan Koeppel

On a Blichmann BrewEasy 10G

Robin Walker

Jerry Hirsch


I am Bill Fuchs and I was given this bag from a friend about 6 years ago.  I am sending this picture of my setup which contains the bag that was lost during a cleanup.  As you can tell, because I am still using it as of 4 weeks ago it has held up very well for well over a hundred batches of brew and I have been extremely happy with it. 

I brewed a couple of weeks ago without it and it was not an enjoyable experience.  I am in the process of ordering another one now.

Thank you, 
Bill Fuchs

My wife got me a Brew Bag for Christmas and I've enjoyed using it for the last couple of years.  The Brew Bag makes the brew day go a bit quicker for an all-grain brew along with making clean-up easier.  I squeeze the bag and the beers always turn out well. 

Jeff Hatfield


We started to use your bag at our small brewery, and i say the product works beautifully.. 
The first brews were with our false bottom, and there was this and that going on with it..husks and grain where they shouldn't be.. 
Few brews with bag..no going back..easy clean..more from boil to fermenter..everything is better!
Thank you! 
 P & N Brewing from Finland

Hey Brew Bag team!!

You guys have made an absolutely exceptional product. I've used the bag a few times now, and EVERY SINGLE TIME I've achieved efficiencies in the 85-89% range. It's insane. I also love the peace of mind that comes with not having to worry about a stuck sparge—or even a sparge at all! Everything runs crystal clear (until fermentation — I'm full on haze-craze right now). I've also really put it through a good bit of punishment, and I'm pretty aggressive trying to get every last drop from the grain. It's seriously tough. I feel like a real dummy not doing this 5 years ago when I started brewing.
Thanks for a killer product. 


Hi Brew In A Bag people!
I just found this page and wanted to share my experience.  I found out about the Brew Bag from the Brülosophy Podcast and I'm so happy I did!  My brew days are much easier than back when I used a batch sparge system, and my beers come out great tasting and super clear every time!  I'm including a picture of one of my favorite beers made using the Brew Bag.  I am entering this one in a local competition soon and I am very confident in it!  Thanks for all you do and the hard work you put into your product!  I recommend the Brew Bag to every homebrewer I know!  Cheers from Milwaukee!!!

Jeff M

My first attempt at a short and shoddy biab american pale ale won me 1st in the pale american category at my local home brew contest. It's so nice to make tasty beer without the hassleCan't wait to fire up the kettle again and make the next batch


Hi Guys,

Just wanted to tell you what a great product you have.  I was an extract brewer and did not want to tie up all the space and time to clean the traditional "3 vessel" setup that most all grain brewers use.

I did a little research on line and came across the "brew in a bag" method.  The results have been fantastic, my brew days are normally buttoned up by noon, cleanup and all!

I was describing my setup to a fellow home-brewer and after coming over for a joint brewing session I converted him to the "brew in a bag" method.

I have used this bag for well over 75 batches and, while it is stained from some "wicked dark" malt, it's still in good shape. 

I clip the bag to my kettle, fill it with my crushed grain, put on my lid, wrap it up with some insulating sheet I got at Home Depot and let it mash.  It holds temperature amazingly well, I usually only lose 1°-2° F. over an hour.

I mounted a pulley on the ceiling right over my stove so I can drain while beginning my boil. And don't be afraid to squeeze it out while draining, this is one tough bag!

I live near a malt house in Western NY and can get ingredients very reasonably, I never thought I could make beer this good at home. I just used some field corn from the back yard to brew a batch of cream ale.  It turned out great!

Thanks again for a fantastic product!

Bill Brach

I switched to biab after attending a learn to brew day. Six months later entered into my first competition and received a silver medal. Biab simplifies my brew day, one pot, one filter(bag) and easy clean up. Thank you for your great product. 

Steve Seithel 

Love using The Brew Bag for my eBIAB recirculation system.  Been using it for over 5 years and many 10 gallon batches holding over 25 lbs of wet grain and never have any worries.  Solid craftsmanship!
Really excited to try out the new 400 micron bag!!

Shannon Lang

Thanks for making an amazing product! My EBIAB setup I've built is awesome and this bag makes it all worth it. Consistently getting 75% or higher efficiency with your bags. Consistency is key in brewing and your product is that! Going strong after 30 brews still! Making the clearest wort ever as well!

Robert Narquis

I just want to say how impressed I am with the Brew Bag. Wow, this thing works so much better than my old one (BagBrewer). The old one was very nicely constructed and fit my setup like a glove but the mesh was too fine and I never got good recirculation. I purchased the 400 micron Brew Bag for my 20 gallon Concord tri ply kettle and wow am I amazed at the difference. The Brew Bag fits nicely as well, though a bit looser which is not a problem. Importantly, I can run my recirculation at near full open on my March pump and there is no buildup in volume, at least not during my first brew. The bag seems to drain very nicely, which makes getting proper mash temps so much easier. I always had to fight my old bag to get temps right. Thanks for making a very well constructed BIAB bag and thanks for shipping it out so quickly. Why did I wait???

Craig Walsh

Hey Guys,
Your bags are awesome.  I have purchased 3 different bags and a 5 pack of hop socks over the years and they all work great.
Thanks for the great products.
John Pursglove


Christopher Brown

Jason Hise

The attached picture is of my first ever BIAB. Very easy with the 30-42 qt bag in my 10 gallon kettle. An easy grain bill, 10 lbs of 50/50 wheat/pilsner to make a lemon shandy. It was so easy to use the bag, hoist it up with a rope & pulley on my ladder and squeeze with the PVC gloves. It was a great first experience in all grain brewing. 

Jeff Mauriello

“Hello! I wanted to share my experience with not only the brew bag, but also the wonderful support from the company. I’ve been using the brew bag since the spring of 2013. About a year ago, I had finished mashing in and had placed the bag on the ground while I proceeded with the boil. A sneaky chipmunk must’ve smelled the delicious sweet grain, and proceeded to chew a hole in the bag and feast while I was busy tending to the boil. I contacted the people at brew bag, and they quickly sent out a patch to me to repair the bag. It’s been over a year, and several batches, and the bag is still going strong!  

I can’t say enough how happy I’ve been with the brew bag. It’s won me numerous awards, including a Best in Show in New Jersey’s largest Homebrew competition of over 400 entries, Motown Mash. It has also helped me to win brewers choice in the Hudson Valley Competition just this past spring. Both beers were lagers, and brilliantly clear!  I couldn’t be happier with the bag, or the wonderful support. Cheers to more winning brewing!”


Bill Goodman

The only reason I am brewing all grain in due to brewinabag.  We have several award-winning members who BIAB exclusively.

Aaron Ritchie
American Homebrewers Association 1st Round 2019
Wood aged, fruit beer, and mixed fermentation sour fruit beer
Awesome beer news!!! I won a gold and silver for my sour beers in first round of the National Homebrew Competition and am moving to the finals in Rhode Island this summer!!!! 

Aaron Ritchie


Brent B.

Love the brew bag! Here a few pics of our typical brew day. 12 gallon batches done in my 19 gallon pot. A couple beers ready for competition, Pilsner on the left hazy on the right. And proud brew dog Lennox showing off his hardware from the first 2 competitions. 

Brian Sommers

Here's my brew bag in action, a photo of a tasty Munich Helles brewed in my bag, and some medals won in the last Music City Brew-Off!

Steve Tanner

Every winning batch — including two BOS’s — was made with a bag. My chickens enjoying spent grains from a Belgian Saison in progress. Their favorite treat!

George "Duke" Turner

Thought you'd like to know I scored a bronze medal (center purple ribbon!) in the brown and amber category of the National Homebrew Competition last year with a Kentucky Common done in your brew bag!  Testament that you really don't all that fancy equipment to make award winning beer.  Attached are pictures of my winnings - all with The Brew Bag.  

George Turner


Michael Allen

❤️ The brew bag!!! My beer has drastically improved since switching to BIAB & I've got the Brew Bag to thank so THANK YOU for making an incredible product!!! 👏👏👏👏
- Michael C. Allen - AKA HueBrew #eljugo 

Michael Allen
Ed Schmitt
I have a done couple dozen brews with my Brew Bag and most of them turn out great. However, the two I brewed this summer for the 2018 Brew Under the Bridge beer fest is Oswego, IL were exceptional. They both won silver medals and were both simple stovetop batches using my 10gal kettle sized Brew Bag. Thank you for making such a great product! It has definitely helped to improve my beers!
Terry Wray

I brought a friend over on Sunday for his first brew day. We used my  brew bag and it made the process a lot easier. I don't have a lifting system set up yet, so I lifted the bag out of the mash tun while he used silicon bbq gloves to squeeze the bag, before we transferred it to the sparge pot.

Jon Watkins

A few years back I jumped straight into BIAB and now I can't imagine brewing any other way.  Where was this 20 years ago!?!  So easy, and the beer is amazing. Also... I've tried other bags- these are the BEST!!

 David Howard

I brew with The Brew Bag every time.  Mostly traditional BIAB 5 gallon batches but an occasional batch sparge using the bag as a filter as well.  I've found some success in competitions, recently taking a gold and a division win for a coconut stout.  I even used a hop sock in the keg to hold a bunch of toasted, shredded coconut.  Can't imagine ever doing a vorlauf again or worrying about properly setting the grain bed.  Thanks for shortening my brew days and turning me on to the process of brew-in-a bag!

Steve Thanos

From the very beginning, Brew in a Bag was seen as an inferior way to brew. I remember this all the time whenever I happen to win a medal for one of my home brew beers. When I see others with their huge three vessel systems, I just think things don't need to be this complicated. The one thing I like the most about BIAB is the ability to crush my grains as fine as oatmeal. This is essentially the reason why BIAB produces such great results. I will always use BIAB. Cheers!

Jimmy Hill

I have been using the BIAB method for about 5 years now. I started by sewing my own bag and while it worked, I never felt confident that it would hold up to 18 to 20 lbs of wet grain. I have no worries with The Brew Bag! Solid construction, hefty seams, and strap handles that makes it easy to lift and drain at the end of mashing. Using The Brew Bag, I have been able to produce some beautiful and tasty brews - even placed in a few home brew competitions this year! Thanks for such a great product!

JR Renna
Thanks to Joe and Jase for doing the heavy lifting today, brewing a chocolate vanilla porter that will be split into 3 different beers in secondary: cherry 🍒 for Joe, coffee ☕️ for Jase, and peanut butter 🥜 for me. This was also the first BIAB batch with my new 30 gallon kettle & The Brew Bag. It was the easiest brew day I’ve ever had, and wish I would have switched to BIAB sooner. I anticipated 70% efficiency but was over 80%, overshot my OG by 9 points!


Eddie Martinez 

This is an image me a typical brew day at my house.  I have a BIAB that I use with my 10 gallon SS Brewtech Kettle: works like a charm!  This session I was making single hop citra pale ale.  I haven't entered this into a competition yet but I've had several people suggest that I do. I am very pleased with my BIABs.  I own two bags: one that I use in my kettle and another I use for big beers in a cooler.  

Brian Renstrom

I have been Doug brew in a bag for 4 years. Recently started using your hop bags also. These pictures are for a Hop Burst IPA using 10 ounces of Cascade hops in late additions. Couldn’t do it without the hop socks!


Sylvain Cossette 
Czech Pilsner for kids. 😝 OG 1.050 SRM 4. My little boy always love brewing with me. Easy peasy with the Brew Bag.


Jeremy Howard

Great bag wouldn’t use any other one.

Jennifer Hutchison

Love it...here a few photos for your wall of Fame! 1st photo, we had just gotten our new set up, second a I quilted a cover to keep brew warm see that we are steeping in the bag, and 3rd is a shot of us milling grains straight into the bag.
Thanks ~ Jenzard



Brian Renstrom


Merlinus Monroe

Brewing 11 gallons of 9.25% ABV Peace With Corbn v. 2, a Belgian Dark Strong Ale!

Dave Corrasa

See attached photos of recent SMaSH (2-row + Cascade) totaling 11 lbs. of grain. I've also recently posted a video of my entire process. https://youtu.be/Ih10ORAY_qw

Dan Welch 

This is a shot from a 17 gallon Red  IPA brew day in my 20 gallon kettle.  The smaller kettle is a 5.5 gallon batch of saison i put on black currants.  38.5 pound grain bill dry on the large batch.
Kenny Grayley
50 Shades of Graley = Preboil 1.047 Resilience IPA!!!! It's flowing from the taps now. I was using 5 gallon paint strainer bags from HD and this bag has stepped up my BIAB to a higher grain bill with ease of clean up and reuse of bag! Cheers

James Robbins
Here is that same bag and rig with a 12% Vienna Cascade SMaSH that I won a local home brew comp with and we will be brewing at Fetch brewing in Whitehall MI next month. 

 Ryan Replogle

I am submitting some pictures from an all grain BIAB 10 gallon batch brewed in September of 2018. It’s an IPA that came out to an ABV of 7.2%. The bag has taken everything I’ve thrown at it from 10lbs of grain to 30lbs. I love the ease of pulling the grain from the kettle with no mess! I hope these pictures are helpful. Enjoy!


My Christmas eve batches.  A 20# grainbill for a golden strong @ 1.080 OG followed by  second dunking partigyle baby beer @ 1.040 OG.

Michael Charlton
Old Ale brew evening. 21.5 lbs grist. I use a two pulley System to make it easier to lift. 

 Evan Myers

Love my brew bag! It makes my brew days go a whole lot faster, and more efficient! So easy to throw my grain in the bag, and pull it right out when mashing is complete! Forget about sparging with this bag!

Andy Sutton

Matt Hawley

Attached are pictures of my first all grain brew using the brew bag. In it, was about 10lb of grain to do a blonde ale. It made the jump from extract to all grain simple!

Jeff Balicki
Attached is a picture of my final brew when we were stationed in Germany. Looking at my brew book there were 12 pounds of dry grain in there on the way to being a dark-strong stout. This bag literally revolutionized my process.  As much as some of the neighbors would not want to admit, the American Brewer in the village turned out some great beer from some very humble equipment. 

Steve Pullen
First brew after converting to EBIAB brewing Zombie Dust Clone.
Nick Kastner
Hey Team!
Haven’t won any awards just yet, but the attached picture is of an imperial coffee stout that is still aging as we speak! I’ll say I was given tons of advice to get some DME, sparge slow, or flat out told large grain bills result in low efficiency so just expect to miss your target. I had a grain bill of over 18 lbs.  my target OG was 1.085, with all the info I received I was expecting to hit maybe 1.075 Instead I drained as usual, no slow sparge and boom hit 1.086!

My name: Rob Friesel
Beer style: Cream Ale
Gravity: 1.048
Brew day action shot taken by my friend Aaron Ritchie. Pulling the bag, doing the initial squeeze, and about to slip a grill rate underneath to ease it down onto. 

James Hancock
Mash Tun was full had to suspend a large cooler bag in the boil kettle and recirculate. 
Darrel ??
Attached is a picture of my first ever BIAB brew day, draining my grain bill in my new Brew Bag. OG was 1.076 with a FG of 1.012.  No adjustments to my grain crush for the BIAB.  Clean up was super easy and I kicked myself for not moving to BIAB sooner.  Two more batches so far under my belt with all my numbers hit right on the head.  These bags are great!

Robert Boles
Don't have a picture of the bag in action but have an end result super clear product. 
Shannon McEnroe
Here we have a RIS, about 27# of fermentable, O.G. 1.080, F.G. 1.013, no awards but I love your product, it's the only bag I use to brew with. Thanks

Engelberto Gaytan