Locking Ratchet Pulley -  3/8" Rope - 250 lbs Capacity - 10 gallons or more

Locking Ratchet Pulley - 3/8" Rope - 250 lbs Capacity - 10 gallons or more

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  • ⅜” - Maximum Load Limit: 250 lbs 2:1 Pulling Ratio
  • 17' Solid 3/8" Braided Polypropylene Rope
  • Carabiner not included - must be purchased separately
  • Recommended for 10 gallons and up

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Maximum Load Limit: 250 lbs - 2:1 Pulling Ratio - 17' Solid 3/8" Braided Polypropylene Rope 
Easy to Use
1. Hang the locking ratchet system on a tested secure source by S-Hook located next to small metal pulley.
2. Push the thumb release on ratchet to free rope and pull the ratchet close to the bag loops. 
3. Hook bag loops onto the S hook or separate carabiner attached to black ratchet.
4. Now pull the loose end of 3/8 rope to raise the bag.
5. You'll hear the ratchet clicking - which locks the rope and bag in place. 

Recommended for 10 gallons and up - This locking ratchet is made to lift the BIG grain bills. The rope is Solid Braided Polypropylene and the hooks are Zinc Plated Steel. To remove the bag, pull up on the bag to reduce tension and push the thumb release. If the release will be out of reach, attach the 1/8" rope and pull down.  

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Customer Reviews

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Keith Powers

Works Great!

Tom Foelber
Release Cord Fix

I love this product and explained why in my earlier review. I have read others who had trouble getting the black release cord to activate the switch. My unit came with the cord threaded with the tied knot on the top of the switch. I changed mine so that the knot was on the bottom of the switch. This allows the black cord to run over the top and pull from the top of the switch. Much more mechanical advantage and no problems getting it to work. Perhaps BrewBag can do this for future customers and save them the time.

John Keough
Great product!

Makes 25lbs of wet grain feel like a walk in the park. Works very well, make sure you practice before brewday.

Nicholas McClay
A nice upgrade to a HERMS system

I use this with a 10 gallon water cooler in A HERMS setup. It makes separating grain from the mash very clean and allows a much easier transition to clean in place operations without needing to disconnect the lines.

The only complaint is the plastic release tab on the ratchet has a tiny pull rope to engage it doesn’t really work. I found myself having to use my finger to get it release consistently.

Nicholas - when using the black cord to release the object, lift the object slightly to release the pressure on the locking mechanism - then pull the rope. Be sure to have the red rope tied off or be holding it when that happens.

Stephen Morrison
Works as Advertised

Really nice addition to the brew room. Makes one person brewing so much easier.