Locking Ratchet Pulley - 3/8" Rope - 250 lbs Capacity - 10 gallons or more

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Maximum Load Limit: 250 lbs - 2:1 Pulling Ratio - 17' Solid 3/8" Braided Polypropylene Rope 
Easy to Use
1. Hang the locking ratchet system on a tested secure source by S-Hook located next to small metal pulley.
2. Push the thumb release on ratchet to free rope and pull the ratchet close to the bag loops. 
3. Hook bag loops onto the S hook or separate carabiner attached to black ratchet.
4. Now pull the loose end of 3/8 rope to raise the bag.
5. You'll hear the ratchet clicking - which locks the rope and bag in place. 

Recommended for 10 gallons and up - This locking ratchet is made to lift the BIG grain bills. The rope is Solid Braided Polypropylene and the hooks are Zinc Plated Steel. To remove the bag, pull up on the bag to reduce tension and push the thumb release. If the release will be out of reach, attach the 1/8" rope and pull down.  

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Customer Reviews

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Great communication excellent product and customization options super friendly and easy to work with staff highly recommended

Nice pulley

I have to fiddle with it a bit to start the ratcheting, but it works great.

Great product just what I needed.

Received the Locking Ratchet promptly & I love it. No more sore back from lifting Fermenters & Kegs. Thanks.

Highly Recommend

This makes brew day so much easier, used to hang and tie calling someone to help. Now easily able to do this by myself. Easy to assemble and easy to use, highly recommend.

dont skimp...... just get it

Just get this. I was the same way, "i can probably get it on amazon...etc" . but for the hassle that this baby saves you on brew day, there is no question you should just add it on to your order and have it. Put a 2x4 across a couple ceiling joists and put an eyebolt in and hook it up, pull the rope and let it drain. No heavy lifting.... no big mess as you figure out where to set it .
Just get it. and quit thinking!

great product, very robust and easy to operate and function.