Locking Ratchet Pulley - 3/8" Rope - 250 lbs Capacity - 10 gallons or more

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Maximum Load Limit: 250 lbs - 2:1 Pulling Ratio - 17' Solid 3/8" Braided Polypropylene Rope 
Easy to Use
1. Hang the locking ratchet system on a tested secure source by S-Hook located next to small metal pulley.
2. Push the thumb release on ratchet to free rope and pull the ratchet close to the bag loops. 
3. Hook bag loops onto the S hook or separate carabiner attached to black ratchet.
4. Now pull the loose end of 3/8 rope to raise the bag.
5. You'll hear the ratchet clicking - which locks the rope and bag in place. 

Recommended for 10 gallons and up - This locking ratchet is made to lift the BIG grain bills. The rope is Solid Braided Polypropylene and the hooks are Zinc Plated Steel. To remove the bag, pull up on the bag to reduce tension and push the thumb release. If the release will be out of reach, attach the 1/8" rope and pull down.  

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Customer Reviews

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Fantastic Pulley

What did I think about this pulley? Well what did Ronald Reagan think about the United States? “Of the four wars during my lifetime, none came about because the U.S. was too strong.” Like the U.S. this pulley could never be “too strong.” I’m determined it could lift your 450 lb aunt that tipped over her scooter while shopping at Walmart. So I don’t think wet grain will pose as any serious threat. My first batch using this bad boy (5 gallon batch) had 15 lbs of grain. Worked like a charm. Mine is mounted to the rafters in my garage for winter brewing and an awning above my patio for summer brewing. Stays locked in place the entire time while squeezing the bag. My only regret is that I didn’t buy one sooner. Do yourself a favor and buy this pulley. You won’t be disappointed.

Great product

Great product. Delivery to Romania took 4 weeks. The downside was that I had to pay customs taxes, something I didn't know before ordering. It got a bit expensive with shipment and customs taxes.

new pulley

Just finishing building my brewing keg and haven't used it yet, but im getting ready to do 10gals of a almont porter with 22lbs of grain and ill write back when done.

good, but.....

The pulley works as advertised, but there should be a note in the description as to how much room you need above your brew bucket to use it. I ended up about a foot short of enough space when the lengths of the wet grain bag and pulley assembly are all added together. It is my problem with my brewing location, but I wish I had the information up front before I bought the pulley system.

Brew Bag and rope ratchet

Excellent product. Work perfect. Thank you