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Brew In A Bag vs.The Dreaded Stuck Sparge December 31 2016

We read a lot of articles on the brewing process, and lately we came across two that addressed the issue of the dreaded stuck sparge. The sparge is post mash washing of the sugars from the grains and is accomplished by methodically adding just enough water to the mash tun to "float" the top portion of the grain bed. To allow outflow some sort of manifold with approximately 1/16" holes...

Brew In A Bag Video Series by The Brew Bag founder Rex Slagel September 24 2016

We've seen a good many videos showing how to use a fabric filter to brew in a bag, but there aren't any that detail why this works so well. Here you'll find a bit of science along with some practical information to make great beer in about 3.5 hours using minimal equipment. 

Homebrew Academy review of the The Brew Bag® August 27 2016

Todd Hamm took our Round Cooler Bag for a test drive. You can see his video here. 

FUHMENTABOUDIT interview during the AHA Baltimore July 19 2016

Mary Izett stopped by our booth and asked us for a few minutes to let her listeners know about The Brew Bag - we obliged - here it is. Our portion  in episode # 170 starts at 29:22 - Thanks Mary!!

Brew In A Bag Process and Tips - video June 27 2016

We've added a series to YouTube so you can see the step-by-step process of brewing using a fabric filter. This VIDEO outlines the processes and briefly explains the advantages of using true filter instead of relying on the grain bed and a bottom pick up.

Mill Gap EXBEERIMENT - Coarse crush vs Fine November 23 2015

Interested to find out if the mill setting makes a difference? We've done our own experiments as well and coupled with many BIAB brewers comments from around the web, come to the same conclusion - a finer crush aids in faster more complete conversion, higher efficiency numbers, and in our humble limited opinion a better tasting beer - but we're a bit biased on the taste side of things. The folks...

Is The Brew Bag food safe? November 19 2015

    Frequently we are asked if the material we use to make the bags is food safe. Every component of the the bags is made from 100% polyester - thread, strap, material. Above you'll see the results of the test on the entire bag - all materials passed. For competitive reasons we have blocked out the name of our manufacturer. Below are links to other sites that confirm the results...

Misconceptions - Brew Bag Myths Explained October 08 2015

    Because the brew in a bag process is still fairly new in the USA, there is still some confusion about how to use a fabric filter in the brewing process. Some folks still call it a “method”, as if the resulting product is different than when employing a sparge to wash sugar from grain, and they might also suggest its use is for only single kettle BIAB, but...

Stress Test - The Brew bag September 23 2015

To Brew A Beer reviews The Brew Bag for Coolers August 13 2015

Thanks Matt Del Fiacco for the time and effort to review our product. It can be found on Matt's site here.

BREWUNITED reviews The Brew Bag for Coolers July 09 2015

Olan Sudduth used his cooler bag for the first time and posted his review here. 

Brulosopher reviews The Brew Bag for Coolers - a fabric filter for ALL mash tuns! June 22 2015

I typically mash in converted cooler MLTs because I often make batches too large to fit the full volume in my kettle, though I absolutely see the value in BIAB and find myself utilizing the method on smaller batches with absolutely no ill-effects. 

Brewing Process Logic - A Comparison of Methodology May 19 2015

When using a fabric filter and the full volume of mash water without sparging, the gravity is set when the mash is complete - unless adjusting for volume in the kettle or the fermenter - it is never diluted. In addition the pH is fixed in both the mash tun and the kettle. The entire sparge process can be eliminated, saving time, effort, equipment and energy expense. The use of one kettle, one burner, and one bag with no mash out produces comparable results to sparging.

Tannins & Squeezing the Bag are Not Synonymous May 18 2015

Squeezing the bag of grain and tannins are not synonymous. Excerpted and paraphrased from the books “Water - A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers” and “Malt - A Practical Guide From Field to Brewhouse” - Tannins, a subset of polyphenols, are present in grain husks and cell walls. They are released at mash temps and bind with proteins to form haze. In conjunction with a pH above 6, excess tannins are...

Have you considered making bags to fit mash tun coolers for sparging? March 18 2015

This title of the blog is a real question we received from a curious brewer. It's worth noting that we have a photo of a cooler on the first page of our site, and yes, we've made hundreds of cooler bags. Perhaps brewers are beginning to realize that The Brew Bag, a fabric filter, is simply an alternative to the PVC, copper, or braided cord filter, and that using fabric...

The Brew Bag is a Filter for wort, coffee, or even relish. March 17 2015

As time passes, more and more folks find The Brew Bag and wonder if the filtering capability could be applied to their processes. Some call and speak with us, while others simply order and include the name of their business in the address. The business name prompts us to call them and ask what they're up to and why they think The Brew Bag will solve their filtering issues.  We've...

PVC Manifold Help Page - actual comments from non-fabric filter users. February 21 2015

Mines not glued either but I made slits in my manifold I had holes but kept getting plugged I don't have my manifold glued. I take it apart after every mash and its real easy to clean that way. You guys ever use a braided tube(outside mesh of a washing machine hose)? Any difference in efficiency, draining time etc? DONT glue it, makes cleaning much easier. Also, turn the holes downwards,...

Brew in 90 Minutes - Modified Parti-gyle February 12 2015

So, you're into your brew day, and as usual you think "what if I could transfer ALL the sugars left in the grain to the boil kettle, there's beer waiting to be born!" And then you brew, clean up, have a brew, and realize you made 5 or 10 gallons in 3.5 hours (BIAB), or 6 hours (non BIAB), so you have another brew and forget about it. 

Mash - thin or thick? February 06 2015

I wrote this in response to an article written by Brad Smith in which he stated that one of the "cons" to brew in a bag was a high water to grain ratio. He didn't respond.  "You mention that a high WTG ratio produces less beta-amalyse. In my research the higher WTG ratio impacts conversion positively. The enzymatic conversion of starch to maltose for B-Amaylase is activated in the temperature...

Brulosophy - A few of his favorite things for Christmas. November 24 2014

We didn't know The Brew Bag was a "favorite thing", but we're glad it is! The paragraph below is the excerpt from his site -  Whether you’re a regular BIAB’r or not, a high quality bag can come in real handy on brew day, and The Brew Bag is a killer option. These bags have a fine enough weave to keep all husk material out of your wort while allowing decent flow...

Moving Sugar Water - Filter vs Pickup October 31 2014

Conversion and MIlling Converting starch to sugar is a complicated molecular process but as brewers we witness the simplicity of that process by milling grain, mixing in hot water and waiting for the magic to happen. Depending on your process, sixty to one-hundred-twenty minutes later we have wort (sugar water).  Milling the grain breaks it up so the hot water can kick the enzymes (on the outer layer of the...

Flame On - Brew In A Bag best brewing practice - or - is adjusting temp mid-mash a good idea? October 21 2014

I used to be the guy that chased exact temp mashing. As a home brewer does the final product benefit to any noticeable degree from being mashed at any constant temperature for the entirety of the mash? Does kettle mashing have any drawbacks compared to cooler mashing? Based on conversion facts what do we need to do to make good beer? It is a proven fact that when mashing grain,...

HomeBrew Finds Reviews The Brew Bag - October 05 2014

I’ve done quite a bit of BIAB brewing.  I’ve used a few different types of bags.  Having used The Brew Bag for a while, I can tell you that it’s the highest quality bag I’ve used.  It is purposed designed, by a homebrewer, for homebrewing and that shows.  From the reinforced seams to the handles to the availability of a number of sizes to the quality of the fabric.  I can wholeheartedly recommend the Brew Bag for BIAB brewing.

Let's compare brewing filters - No is the new Yes September 11 2014

As a viable small business, we're about 11 months in and happy to report that The Brew Bag is growing nicely. When the reality that the market was underserved with a strong reliable brew bag way back in January of 2013, I thought I would be supplying home brewers with bags, and that's about it. What has happened however, is more than that. Home brewer's are an independent lot.  I...
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