Coffee Brew Bags (Infusion) - 60 Micron - The Brew Bag®

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  • Designed for Cold-Brewed Coffee and low sediment infusions, the 60 micron fabric is washable, tear resistant, and very strong.  


  • COB2024 - 20-24 Quart - Outer diameters between 11" and 13.5" & height upto 15"

  • COB3242 - 32-42 Quart - Outer diameters between 11" and 13.5" & height up to 20"

  • COB3042- 30-42 Quart - Outer diameters between 13" and 16" & height up to 16.5"

  • COB4062 - 40-62 Quart - Outer diameters between 13" and 16" & height up to 21"

  • COB5060 - 50-60 Quart - Outer diameters between 15" and 17.75" & height up to 22.5"

  • Oversize Custom Bags - contact us for a quote. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great for cold brew coffee

Easy to use, easy to clean. Better than always running out of paper filters for 5 gallon brews.

Worked well

Made 2.5 gallons of cold brew. Very little sediment with coarse grind coffee.

Great as always

I've used multiple brewbags over the years for my beer and they've worked flawlessly, so when I wanted to convert one of my 5 homebrew taps to use for nitro cold brew and discovered a normal bag won't cut it, this was my first and only stop.

If you read up on the process (and I highly recommend the Kegoutlet guide), you find that a tighter mesh is needed to avoid sediment in the keg. I tried two batches on a normal bag before buying this one, and the difference was night and day. Prior I had dip tube clogs on the keg, and this bag eliminated all of those with very little sediment.

The guide also recommends you grind coarser than normal, and this makes a huge difference as well. I make 5 gallons with 4lbs of Costco brand coffee, and it gets rave reviews from everyone that tries it. If you're thinking about doing it, buy this bag.

Works well for cold brew coffee

The bag is as well built as the regular brew bags, but fine enough for producing cold brew coffee. Any finer and you would be waiting all day for it to drain. It filters really well. My only thought for improvement would be a variant that can be tied shut so it can be immersed or closed in an airtight container for long steeps. Since it's a dual purpose bag, I understand why it is constructed the way it is. Great product regardless.

Thanks for the feedback - we make them with a drawstring closure as well.
Brewbag for Sake Lees

I used the COB810 when straining sake lees and it was perfect! This bag puts every other straining method to shame. I stretched it over a 10 gallong fermentor and left if covered for days, getting very clear sake. Glad I found the site and picked one up.