Hop Sock - D = 3" x H = 23"

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Voile hop sock is ideal for dropping or suspending in a keg or fermenter bucket. Simply spray sanitize and fill with hops. To clean hop oils wash in an emulsifying detergent like Dawn. You can also soak in any approved organic material cleanser.

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Customer Reviews

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Quality Hop Sock Shipment Mistake Fixed Quickly

I had ordered a very large custom brew bag and a small hop sock. Unfortunately my order shipped without the sock. Brewinabag.com quickly addressed the problem and shipped me another one. The bag arrived and appears to be very well made, durable, and of high quality. This is the 3rd bag I've ordered from brewinabag.com and all 3 have been great.

Appears built to last.

Can hold 15 lbs of wet grain without signs of tearing. I will update after using for a year. So far really easy to clean and lift without worries.

Great sack

Its a good sack. My wife loves it. Best sack she has ever held. Better than those metal ones that are just too hot to hold.

Ok product

I used the hop sock to contain hops in my boil. For small amounts of hops I think this is a great product. Fine mesh and good construction will keep out hop particles leaving nice clear wort. My potential problem is when using a larger amount of hops. I used a 2 oz late addition and while the hops were contained they also seemed to be packed pretty tightly in the hop sock and not allowing sufficient contact in my beer. I like the hops to be more loosely contained. Perhaps it won’t be a problem, but it wasn’t what I was looking for.

Great product

These bags have already improved my home brewing. I use them not only for dry-hopping, but also to help filter out large grain pieces as well as hops during my vorlauf step and my transfer from mash tun to fermenter.