PVC Gloves "Sanitized®" 14"

PVC Gloves "Sanitized®" 14"

Regular price $ 7.50

One-Size fits Large to Xtra-large

Constructed with an interlock lining for easy on and off 

Allows effective squeezing of the hot grain bag  

With the Sanitized® antimicrobial hygiene function polymers and textiles like upholstery, carpets, curtains, air-conditioners, artificial leather, counter tops and door handles, towels, shower curtains, furniture, humidifiers and other household utensils are reliably protected:

  • hinders the colonization and spread of bacteria and other microorganisms.
  • reduces premature aging or material deterioration.
  • extends service life of treated items.
  • enhances functionality and performance
  • fulfills the need for comfort, well-being and more peace of mind


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Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Great gloves

They do the trick but you will still get some heat through them. I like to use them when cleaning as well.

Go ahead, give it a squeeze

Bought these to give my brew bag a squeeze without scalding my hands. They work a treat and I wish I had picked them up last year rather than trying other methods the past year getting going on the brewing.

Don't Think, Buy them...

For $7.50 great deal, their value is much greater. My 2nd BIAB batch is in the fermenter bubbling away and I highly recommend these as a must have!
My most recent batch started with 8 gallons of water, 17 pounds of grain, after mash in for 60 mins holding in at 151-153 degrees I hauled out the bag and the volume dropped to 6.25/6.5 gallons. I put on the gloves, and quickly dipped the gloves in my bucket of santitizer (probably not neccessary but what the heck) and started to squeeze. I squeezed several times without even feeling the temperature and to increase my pre-boil volume to 7 gallons - peice of cake! If I didn't have the gloves I have no idea what I would use, hand towel, other gloves perhaps? Great purchase - just buy them...don't be silly!

Review of Brew bag

Used the gloves for first time the other day for brew day. For BIAB brewer, this made for much faster (and less painful!) squeezing of the bag after Mashing to release the wort. The gloves kept the heat off my hands, allowed for good squeeze to get every last drop of wort from the grains through the bag into a pot, whihc I poured back into the kettle for boiling. This approach is better than leaving it for 10-15 minutes above the pot to drip, drip, drip. And the gloves washed off easily, too. They seem very sturdy. Good purchase.

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