Mash Tun Filter for Coolers (Round) - The Brew Bag®

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NO MORE STUCK SPARGES!!!  This filter maximizes the flow of wort. Just put The Brew Bag® in your cooler, add grain and strike temp water as usual. When the mash is done follow your normal sparging procedures and then open the spigot and drain into the boil kettle.

Features of The Brew Bag® for Coolers

  • Use again and again - NOT a throw away bag

  • 2" loops for lifting - either by hand or with a pulley and a hook

  • Holds over 100 pounds of grain

  • Smooth seams on the interior enable quick cleaning

  • All strapping intersections are reinforced with "X" stitching

  • 1" poly straps cover seams and bear the strain of grain - this bag will last and last

  • Hand wash and drip dry

 Additional Benefits of The Brew Bag® for Coolers

You can also use the The Brew Bag™ as a complete Brew In A Bag NO SPARGE mash tool. Just calculate the full pre-boil volume, add approximately 12 ounces more water per pound of grain (this will be absorbed and tossed). Then just open the spigot and drain into the boil kettle. You may need a bigger mash tun for this process. 

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Customer Reviews

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Cooler Brew Bag

Worked like a champ, skipped the HLT. Super easy to clean and dry, gonna do a side by side test with batch spage and mash in bag and see how the results are.

First Batch with the bag worked out great.

Fits my cooler perfectly! Much sturdier than the product I have used before. Also cleans up much easier than the previous bag I used.

Fits great

I own three different sizes of this model and love each of them. This one fits the cooler perfectly. Deep enough to get to the bottom and has enough over the top to fit over it and stay in place. Solid construction, never worried about it tearing. Easy to clean, I just soak it in the same PBW the cooler is washed in after use, then rinse it and air dry. Makes BIAB days easy. The loops at the top make it easy to fit a 1" dowel through to lift it out and hang it over the cooler to drip out the wort.

High quality bag

First brew with the bag I hit 75% efficiency! High quality material. I'm going to buy another for my other cooler!

great even with wheat and oatmeal

Just did a big beer today with wheat and oatmeal making up around 30%
Never a stuck mash with this bag