The Brew Bag for Kettles®

The Brew Bag for Kettles®

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  • Prices vary based on Micron rating and size - starts at $25.00
  • Standard Brewing 200 Micron - Recirculate 400 Micron
  • Allows for all-grain brewing with One Kettle
  • NO MORE STUCK SPARGES!!! – Our filter maximizes the out flow of wort, no sparging
  • Holds over 100 pounds of grain
  • Used for Brewing Beer, Tea, Coffee, Juice & More
  • 100% Guaranteed Against Manufacturing Defects – For Life
  • Prices vary based on Micron rating and size - starts at $25.00
  • Standard Brewing 200 Micron - Recirculate 400 Micron
  • Fits Any Kettle! 1 to 100+ Gallons
  • 100% Guaranteed Against Manufacturing Defects – For Life

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Standard Brewing 200 Micron - Recirculate 400 Micron

The Brew Bag® allows all-grain brewing with one kettle. Contact us for a quote on sizes larger than 23" diameter. Recirculating?Select the 400 Micron option above. 

NO MORE STUCK SPARGES!!!  This filter maximizes the out flow of wort so sparging is not necessary. After strike water temp is reached  put The Brew Bag® in your kettle, add grain and mash as usual. When the mash is done follow your normal sparge/ no sparge procedures and transfer to the boil kettle.

Features of The Brew Bag® for Kettles

  • Use again and again - NOT a throw away bag

  • 1" poly straps cover seams and bear the weight of the grain 

  • 2" loops for lifting -  by hand or with a pulley and a hook

  • Holds over 100 pounds of grain

  • Smooth seams on the interior enable quick cleaning

  • All strapping intersections are reinforced with "X" stitching

  • Use it as your Hop Bag suspended in the kettle. 

  • Hand wash with an emulsifying detergent like Dawn and drip dry 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 615 reviews
Much better bag!

This is the only way to BIAB. I have been using those lesser bags for years, what a waste. Buy this because efficiency went up, plus you can really squeeze this bag much more then others. Price is super reasonable for the quality of product received.

Quality Product

Used for the first time today. Very fine mesh that keeps the grain in the bag but allows the water to flow through once the mash is done. Easy to clean as well. Just soak and rinse and let it air dry. Would highly recommend.

Wish I would have made the purchase years ago!

Been brewing in a bag for years now with a standard square shaped BIAB bag I bought from a homebrew shop in the Twin Cities. Getting it out of the kettle was always tricky. I needed to use a strainer to catch the bag, and a lot of times wort would pour over the sides as the bag would stretch out making it messy to clean up afterwards. I decided to finally purchase The Brew Bag that is specially fitted for my electric kettle. I wish I would have made this purchase years ago! The 200 micron fabric allowed me to crush my grains a lot finer than I had in the past. The handles on the bag and the rounded bottom made it easy to pull out of the kettle with no spill over on the sides of the kettle. The best part was clean up, the spent grain left in the bag simply rinsed off in the sink! Also purchased hop bags to use in the boil and had no problems and clean up was a breeze. This is an awesome bag!!

The one and only

If you are looking for a BIAB bag, this is the one you need. High quality it will last a long time if you take good care of it.

Mixed feelings

I’ve done BIAB for 7~ years with a variety of lesser bags. I melted a couple in my early days and was wary of making that mistake again with how this bag necessitated binder clips and its comparatively high price tag versus drawstring bags I’ve had success with. I thought I took every precaution to gather the tabs and hang them from my pulley just to get the out of the way when firing the burner for a step mash but still managed to melt a small spot on just my second batch. The bag is still usable but surprised me how unforgiving it was given I was treating it with kid gloves.

However, using the pulley is way better than lifting 11 pounds of grain when dry out of the kettle and manipulating it into a large strainer suspended over a separate pot for collecting the runnings.

I wish the bag was more durable or less expensive.

We can not make a fire proof fabric bag. The bag is durable - not fireproof. There are less expensive bags out there - they burn too. Glad you like the pulley.