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Moving Sugar Water - Filter vs Pickup

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Conversion and MIlling Converting starch to sugar is a complicated molecular process but as brewers we witness the simplicity of that process by milling grain, mixing in hot water and waiting for the magic to happen. Depending on your process, sixty to one-hundred-twenty minutes later we have wort (sugar water).  Milling the grain breaks it up so the hot water can kick the enzymes (on the outer layer of the seed) into action and convert the endosperm (starch) into fermentable sugar. This process is known as conversion (literally converting starch to sugar through molecular action) and depending on the mix...

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Manifold pickup VS. The Brew Bag.

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This blog subject came about as I was strolling the sidewalk on my way to day two of the American Homebrewers Conference. I was walking with my conference buddy Brian, and we ran into a well known voice from The Brewing Network. A fellow known for his "taste" buds and brewing stature.  He had heard of the brew in a bag method, but had never ventured into the magical world on his own. As we walked I asked what his opinion of the method was. His first comment was "well, I've heard it's not as efficient and doesn't take as...

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American Homebrewers Association - National Conference Speakers List

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Rex Slagel, founder of Brew In A bag Supplies and creator of the The Brew Bag® will be speaking at the conference this year. His seminar is:  Brew In A Bag: It Really Works!  Thursday, June 12 4:30 pm – 5:30 pmLocation: Salon A-D Brew In A Bag explained! We’ll cover every aspect of this method, including a few tips that will unravel the mystery of water volume and gravity. You will learn about equipment, insulation methods, bag material and uses, lifting techniques, and cooling. To spark ideas, we’ll show photos of rig set ups and solutions as seminar attendees...

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AHA - American Homebrewers Association

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We got the news today that we've been selected to present at the American Homebrewer's Association 36th Annual National Conference. The topic - Brew In A Bag - It Really Works! That's great news and a strong sign that the Brew In A Bag method of brewing is beginning to take hold in the USA (thanks Australian brewer's).   I can't confirm this, but a FB'er posted on my announcement of the presentation, that Brad Smith, the designer of Beersmiith, and very competent brewer and blogger, gave a BIAB presentation at the National Homebrew Conference in 2012. I hope...

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