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We got the news today that we've been selected to present at the American Homebrewer's Association 36th Annual National Conference. http://www.homebrewersassociation.org The topic - Brew In A Bag - It Really Works! That's great news and a strong sign that the Brew In A Bag method of brewing is beginning to take hold in the USA (thanks Australian brewer's).  

I can't confirm this, but a FB'er posted on my announcement of the presentation, that Brad Smith, the designer of Beersmiith, and very competent brewer and blogger, gave a BIAB presentation at the National Homebrew Conference in 2012. I hope we can live up to the standards he set. I use Beersmith software for all my brews and recommend it. 

Brian P. a very good BIAB brewer, friend of mine, and fellow PALE homebrew club member will be working the conference with me. As a way to "convince" non-BIABer's that great beer is made with a bag, we'll be making some beers for folks to sample. Brian has medals for his beers, in fact his recipe for Cream Ale - "Blinded By The Light",  was selected and brewed by RAM Restaurant and Brewery located in Wheeling, Illinois. http://www.theram.com I'll be taking an Imperial Porter - "Bold Faced White Lie",  that was originally made using some aged moonshine (white) and is just a hair over 9% ABV. I'm sure we'll have a few of the three tier brewers swing over to BIAB, or at least they'll consider it's validity in the making of great beer. 

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