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Tannins & Squeezing the Bag are Not Synonymous

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Squeezing the bag of grain and tannins are not synonymous. Excerpted and paraphrased from the books “Water - A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers” and “Malt - A Practical Guide From Field to Brewhouse” - Tannins, a subset of polyphenols, are present in grain husks and cell walls. They are released at mash temps and bind with proteins to form haze. In conjunction with a pH above 6, excess tannins are extracted and impart an astringent flavor - they can not be produced by pressure.

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Have you considered making bags to fit mash tun coolers for sparging?

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This title of the blog is a real question we received from a curious brewer. It's worth noting that we have a photo of a cooler on the first page of our site, and yes, we've made hundreds of cooler bags. Perhaps brewers are beginning to realize that The Brew Bag, a fabric filter, is simply an alternative to the PVC, copper, or braided cord filter, and that using fabric simplifies lautering and makes for a stress free brew day. A stuck sparge can be a thing of the past. Spending hours constructing the mash tun filter can be a...

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The Brew Bag is a Filter for wort, coffee, or even relish.

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As time passes, more and more folks find The Brew Bag and wonder if the filtering capability could be applied to their processes. Some call and speak with us, while others simply order and include the name of their business in the address. The business name prompts us to call them and ask what they're up to and why they think The Brew Bag will solve their filtering issues.  We've filled two orders for commercial coffee brewers and based on a conversation with one on the East coast, we think there have been more but we don't recognize as them...

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PVC Manifold Help Page - actual comments from non-fabric filter users.

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Mines not glued either but I made slits in my manifold I had holes but kept getting plugged I don't have my manifold glued. I take it apart after every mash and its real easy to clean that way. You guys ever use a braided tube(outside mesh of a washing machine hose)? Any difference in efficiency, draining time etc? DONT glue it, makes cleaning much easier. Also, turn the holes downwards, so they don't get clogged as easy and if still having drainage issue, wrap the thing in a "boil in a bag" bag and then have fun  If your efficiency is...

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Brew in 90 Minutes - Modified Parti-gyle

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So, you're into your brew day, and as usual you think "what if I could transfer ALL the sugars left in the grain to the boil kettle, there's beer waiting to be born!" And then you brew, clean up, have a brew, and realize you made 5 or 10 gallons in 3.5 hours (BIAB), or 6 hours (non BIAB), so you have another brew and forget about it. 

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