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Mash - thin or thick?

BIAB brew in a bag mash The Brew Bag thick mash voile water to grain ratio

I wrote this in response to an article written by Brad Smith in which he stated that one of the "cons" to brew in a bag was a high water to grain ratio. He didn't respond.  "You mention that a high WTG ratio produces less beta-amalyse. In my research the higher WTG ratio impacts conversion positively. The enzymatic conversion of starch to maltose for B-Amaylase is activated in the temperature range of 143.6 to 152.6.   See the following from Kai Trauser with references to Dr. Ludwig Narziss and Dennis E. Briggs." The results for mash thickness were somewhat surprising....

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Brulosophy - A few of his favorite things for Christmas.

BIAB brew in a bag brew in a bag bags Brulosophy The Brew Bag voile

We didn't know The Brew Bag was a "favorite thing", but we're glad it is! The paragraph below is the excerpt from his site -  Whether you’re a regular BIAB’r or not, a high quality bag can come in real handy on brew day, and The Brew Bag is a killer option. These bags have a fine enough weave to keep all husk material out of your wort while allowing decent flow liquid, and they can also be used as a hop filter to reduce kettle trub. Click here for a detailed review.

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Moving Sugar Water - Filter vs Pickup

American Homebrer's Association BIAB fabric for a brew bag fly sparging home brewing Homebrew Finds making a brew bag no sparge stuck sparge The Brew Bag The Brewing Network water to grain ratio wort

Conversion and MIlling Converting starch to sugar is a complicated molecular process but as brewers we witness the simplicity of that process by milling grain, mixing in hot water and waiting for the magic to happen. Depending on your process, sixty to one-hundred-twenty minutes later we have wort (sugar water).  Milling the grain breaks it up so the hot water can kick the enzymes (on the outer layer of the seed) into action and convert the endosperm (starch) into fermentable sugar. This process is known as conversion (literally converting starch to sugar through molecular action) and depending on the mix...

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Flame On - Brew In A Bag best brewing practice - or - is adjusting temp mid-mash a good idea?

BIAB brew in a bag fabric for a brew bag flame on brew in a bag lost temperature brew in a bag polyester fabric The Brew Bag wort filter

I used to be the guy that chased exact temp mashing. As a home brewer does the final product benefit to any noticeable degree from being mashed at any constant temperature for the entirety of the mash? Does kettle mashing have any drawbacks compared to cooler mashing? Based on conversion facts what do we need to do to make good beer? It is a proven fact that when mashing grain, 90% of the conversion from starch to sugar occurs within the first forty-five minutes. For the non-scientific heat transfer explanation it is also proven that the mash insulates itself and...

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HomeBrew Finds Reviews The Brew Bag -

BIAB brew in a bag Chris NIchols fabric for a brew bag Homebrew Finds no sparge The Brew Bag The Brewing Network voile

I’ve done quite a bit of BIAB brewing.  I’ve used a few different types of bags.  Having used The Brew Bag for a while, I can tell you that it’s the highest quality bag I’ve used.  It is purposed designed, by a homebrewer, for homebrewing and that shows.  From the reinforced seams to the handles to the availability of a number of sizes to the quality of the fabric.  I can wholeheartedly recommend the Brew Bag for BIAB brewing.

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