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So we've had a few folks review The Brew Bag - that means they got a free bag and they used it to brew some beer - and they told folks what they thought about the experience. When you're just getting started in business, it's the kind of thing you hope happens. You know, that someone besides you thinks your product is worth spending time on...because like you, they have lots of folks like you in line up asking them for a review...so they can sell more of their product.

Chris, whose brains and deft fingers tap the keyboard which lead to the marketing aggregations we all see on Homebrew Finds is a smart guy, and he's likable, and he makes makes money telling other folks why they should buy the products he recommends - or not. Mostly the "or nots" don't make it to his web site, because he's a nice guy. But, The Brew Bag made it on his site, and we like that. 

We liked it because he liked it  - and he liked it because it worked - and he's a brewer - and he's smart. 

Her's a ink to his review of The Brew Bag - lots of photos of wort and stuff...enjoy, and thanks Chris!

So, copy and paste the link below and read all about it. 


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