American Homebrewers Association - National Conference Speakers List

Rex Slagel, founder of Brew In A bag Supplies and creator of the The Brew Bag® will be speaking at the conference this year. His seminar is: 

Location: Salon A-D

Brew In A Bag explained! We’ll cover every aspect of this method, including a few tips that will unravel the mystery of water volume and gravity. You will learn about equipment, insulation methods, bag material and uses, lifting techniques, and cooling. To spark ideas, we’ll show photos of rig set ups and solutions as seminar attendees sip an award-winning beer that was brewed using this method.

Rex Slagel has been homebrewing for over two years and has completed more than 100 batches. He is the founder of Brew In a Bag Supply and created The Brew Bag. He lives in Plainfield, Ill. and serves as a director of PALE, a local brew club with 125 members. He’s been married for 33 years, has two children and is a business intermediary in his spare time.


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